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After the success and critical acclaim of our first Gallery of Echoes : The CMA Experience, Executive Producer and my father Stev Guyer began discussing the possibilities of what we could do with this as a genre of performance. We came up with lots of ideas and even have future plans already in the works, but we settled on the fact tat we wanted to do something local. Something to celebrate the visual artists in our community and work to support the health of this incredibly artistic city.

The Gallery of Echoes projects are 2-hour performances encompassing 20~ vignettes, each focused on a piece of artwork that is explored on an over-sized video screen while accompanied by original music inspired by the artwork; sometimes accompanied by dance and/or vocal performance. All of the music is written and performed live by Light, and the projects themselves are created by, produced by, and performed by the metaperformers of Shadowbox Live.

Now in my opinion that description pales in comparison to reality, but you’ll just have to see for yourself!

You can get more information, see video, and hear music from the first Gallery of Echoes here :

Gallery of Echoes at Shadowbox Live

For GoE : The ColumbusUS Experience, we worked directly with the Greater Columbus Arts Council to find our artists, plan our performances, and to help provide funding for the project. We will be premiering the show at the 2016 Columbus Arts Festival and giving it a full week run at Shadowbox Live the week after.

For our last Gallery of Echoes which involved the Columbus Museum of Art, the majority of information was provided by the curator at the time, Dominique Vassuer, who was an absolute well-spring of knowledge about these long passed artists. We learned a lot about what they were experiencing as they created the works, what the works have meant to the art community as a whole, and in many cases, why the artists created what they did. It was invaluable to both the music creation as well as the video creation for the piece. Though each song is our interpretation of thee artwork, we take great care to communicate as much as possible through each piece of music.

For this show, we had a unique opportunity to hear these things from the artists directly as almost all of them are still alive. So over the course of the last 2 months, I have had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing these artists about their work and their views of art in general, both locally and globally.

This whole experience has been fairly life-changing for me personally. Mainly due to the relative timing of my return to Columbus and my current efforts to focus on my own visual art as a profession, but I will speak to all of that another time. Just know that as emotionally invested as I was in the last Gallery of Echoes, this one already trumps it and hasn’t even been written lol

I’m cracking this off at 7am on what will be the first day of Light’s 2 week intensive where we will create most of the music for the show. We already have 5-6 rough drafts that are fairly close to complete but need some cleanup, and our seed folders are brimming with ideas. Really excited to spend 12 hours a day making my hands hurt! #CreativesHustleHarder (Thanks David!)

For now, let me introduce you to the artists involved in the project and give you a little info about their artworks. (Sorry folks but I don’t have permission to share their art just yet) :

Adam Brouillette
“Unforgiving Tale”
48in x 72in
Latex on panel 2015

Amandda Tirey
“Bloodfly Juice”
60in x 42in
Oil on Canvas 2012

Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson, 1940-2015
“One Day in 1307 A.D.: King Abubakari ll”
55in x 155in
RagGonNon: Mixed media on cloth
Columbus Museum of Art: Gift of the artist

April Sunami
“Possessing the Secret of Joy”
17in x 17in x 3in
Mixed Media on canvas ( oil, acrylic, ink, glass and paper on canvas)

Buzz Crisafulli
“Fall Reflections”
27in x 32in
Photographic print on archival baryta paper

Catherine Bell Smith
“The Ninth Hour (None)”
160cm x 99cm x 25cm
Wood, glass, heartwing sorrel seeds, sand, copper

Chelsea Bennett
“My I”
6.5ft x 6ft x 5.25ft
Mixed media-clay, underglaze ,acrylic plexiglass, spray paint, plaster, oil paint, spray foam

Christopher Tennant
“The Ghoul”
48in x 48in
Oil on textured ground

David Butler
“The Fires of Winter”
60in x 72in
Oil on paper, 2012

Jaiymie Kiggins
“Resting in Pieces”
40in x 40in x 10in
Destroyed firearms

Jake Seabaugh
“Pleasing Form”
5ft x 3ft x 2ft
Laminated cedar

Katie Golonka
“Cherry Alley”
4ft x 16ft
Acrylic on two wooden panels

Larry Hamill
“Between Two Bridges”
34in x 56in
Archival Giclee print on canvas

Mireya Schoo
3ft x 8ft
Mixed media collage with acrylic on two canvas panels

Rachel Schutt
“The Antennae Galaxies”
104.14cm x 104.14cm
Mixed media

Richard Duarte Brown
“Pass the Brush”
5ft x 4ft
Mixed media

Roger J. Williams
“Speed Machines threw the Vortex”
14ft x 40ft
Constructions low relief deconstructed. Mixed media : wood paint, found objects

Said Oladejo-Lawal
“Hear my Heart”
48in x 30in
Acrylic on canvas

Stephanie Rond
“We the People, Yearning to Breathe Free”
48in x 36in
Oil on canvas, hand-cut paper, spray paint, paper on canvas, 2014

Sunapple Studio
“The Ladder of Hopes and Dreams”
72in x 50in x 50in
Painted Wood ladder with plaster hand sculpted “”dreamers”. A hand written poem, 16in x20in painting accompanies the piece.

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