Inktober 2016

Alright everybody! I know I know – I’ve been terrible with my social networking for this entire year and my blog is hilariously out of date BUT I’ve decided to do a thing, and I would like your help :D I am going to participate in #Inktober this year – which is an ink drawing every day of the month. I have NO idea if I can pull it off or not, but the practice, discipline, and fun of it will be awesome :) And YOU can WIN things too!

I’m asking for your suggestions as to what to draw this month!

It can be a “type” (like nude, birds, insects, etc) or something specific (like the Star Trek insignia, a Paladin, Columbus Sunset). It has to be doable in a couple of hours as part of the goal here is to do an ink drawing every, single day, but please don’t let that limit your suggestions. I also can’t promise to draw everything suggested to me, but I would LOVE to hear what you would like to see me do! And every week on Friday, I will pick a RANDOM WINNER out of the people that have made suggestions to receive one of my ink drawings from that week!

One lucky winner will be chosen on October 31st as the Grand Prize Winner and will get a FREE INK COMMISSION from me, a signed print from my collection, and a printed photo of me giving them a thumbs up :D


In order to be entered in the weekly drawing, you just have to make a suggestion for me to draw!

To be entered into the Grand Prize Drawing, you have to like, mention and/or share my drawings on your social media throughout the month. Every LIKE gets a single entry and EVERY SHARE/RETWEET/REGRAM gets you a bonus entry! Just be sure to tag your shares with #artofgg or @mention me, so I don’t miss it!

Find me here :
Facebook :
Twitter : @BaronHigbee
Instagram : @GabrielGuyer

So tell your friends, have some fun with me, and get some free shit! :D I’ve been warming up this week, and I’m as ready as I can be! I’m excited to share the adventure with all of you, so start making your suggestions!

*** IMPORTANT NOTE : I will not redraw someone else’s creation. Just no. However, reference images are welcome, but please make sure I’m allowed to use the image as stock reference if you share a photographer or model’s work :D Thanks so much!

I will be posting each week’s worth of drawings with that week’s Winner right here on my website as well as on my Facebook Art page, so check back for updates!

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