Inktober 2016 – Week 1

And here they are!

Week 1 was amazing journey all by itself and I am very much looking forward to the rest of the month! I have had some wonderful and fun requests for subjects, and it’s really getting me out of my comfort zone which is awesome.

Without further ado – I have run the names through my trusty Randomizer, and our first Inktober Winner is….



*crowd cheers*

As the first Inktober Weekly Winner, Neal gets to choose from all of the ink pieces I have created so far, and I will send the original to him as his prize :D

Neal has chosen his piece, and it looks like “Herbert” has found a home down in Mason, Ohio! :D I’ll miss you Herbert, but I think you’ll be with a lovely family that can respect and appreciate your differences! ;)

Neal won’t be able to win the weekly prize again, but he’ll still be entered into the Grand Prize Drawing. Please check out my original post for contest details!

There are still several weeks ahead, so be sure to join in the fun by giving me your ideas of what to create! Check out this week’s work below

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