Inktober - Week 2

Inktober 2016 – Week 2

Welcome to the end of Week 2 of my Inktober adventure!!!!

Wow what a tough week this has been! Super busy in general with everything else going on in my world, so finding time was harder this week plus I had some struggles both with quality of what I was doing and working at the size I chose.

This week I focused on using this small Artist Trading Cards, and it was an amazing challenge to put on top of the random requests. Super informative for me personally tho, and I was happpy to find that it didn’t really diminish the detail level for me, it just forced me to be a little more crafty in order to achieve it.

And regarding the quality… well… we all have off days :) BUT I managed to get them all in and am very happy with the results. I cannot tell you all how much I appreciate you participating in the adventure along with me.


After using my handy-dandy, randy name picker, I present to you today’s Weekly Winner :


*people are literally standing on their seats*

Rebecca has chosen her piece, and it looks like my tiny Tardis will be travelling to another time and space! Be careful of the madman inside and enjoy your adventures!

Unfortunately Rebecca won’t be able to win the weekly prize again, but she’ll still be entered into the Grand Prize Drawing!!!

As a reminder request, share share share with you friends :D I would love even more suggestions as we are only half way through the month, and remember if you make a suggestion you are entered into the Weekly Winner contest as well as the Grand Prize drawing! You can get more information from the original contest pst here :

Inktober 2016 Rules and Prizes

As a reminder, you can follow my daily Inktober posts on Instagram @GabrielGuyer, Twitter @BaronHigbee or on Facebook @TheArtofGabrielGuyer. Thank you everyone who has made a suggestion so far. I’m having an amazing time and looking forward to creating more!

Check out all of this week’s artwork

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