Inktober 2016 – Week 3

And thus ends the 3rd week of my adventure with Inktober! … kind of …

I’m actually writing this at the moment as a break from drawing. I have put in a ton of hours today, which has been awesome! In fact the most I have gotten to take in a single day for ages, but consequently my hand is tooooast. It happens. I know it well. Something about the steadiness of inking that makes you grip tighter, move a little slower, etc. Anyway – She may have to wait until the morning to be complete. We’ll see if I can actually sleep leaving her unfinished heh

Nevertheless, I’ve got a Weekly Winner to announce! Soooo everybody wins hehe

This Week’s winner is…..


Conrats Genyfer! Now it’s true that Genyfer won’t be able to win another Weekly Prize, but she’ll still entered into the Grand Prize Drawing at the end of the Month!

Inktober 2016 (Contest and Official Rules)

Here is the complete set from This Week of my Inktober :

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