Lookin for Some Feedback

Alright my friends …. it’s time I got some feedback if u have the moment :)

I’m debating some art directions for my next stage and I have so many ideas that it’s a bit maddening. So – I thought I would reach out to all of you and see what you thought, if you cared, or maybe you have a great idea I hadn’t thought of!

The issue for me really is “subject”. I want to touch on several styles in the next year, but I am a little caught up on the “reason” for doing so. I want to make art that continues to interest you, and my mind is an untamed wilderness lol So regardless of statements I feel required to make, maybe you can help me go on this thought safari!

Below is a list of project ideas that are either already in process or are heavily on my mind. I would love it if you checked out the list and left a comment on my social media post with the idea(s) you like. You can just leave the number(s) of your favorites in the list, or leave suggestions or comments of course…

1. Pinup Plants / Mother Earth
I feel as though I should at least hit 10 pieces in this series, but I could certainly go further than that. I have 7 right now. This series started with the purpose of female empowerment and celebration of the form, but I have gotten some push back on the pinup nature of the work and the lack of a head on my subjects. Tho not on purpose, I do understand the implication. My goal was to make them more relatable by not being so specific, but I do want the to lift women up or there is no point to me. Do you think this series worth pursuing?

2. Personal Emotions
I will always make pieces about things I feel or experience but I have never pushed on it as a main subject and have been considering it lately.

3. Social Issues
Pieces like my NoDAPL illustration, or the Mother Earth piece I am working on that are specifically targeted to breaking down barriers. I know there is a lot of that out there, and sometimes we need all just want a break. However, I have plenty to say lol Should this be a focus for me?

4. The Gods of Egypt
I had an awesome time making the Horus piece for Inktober, and have been wanting to do either large paintings or a series of illustrations.

5. The White Knight
This only has a single piece in the series currently but has always been a world I wanted to expand on. I have several sketches already but nothing fleshed out. This is more of a story with each piece being a panel.

6. Pinups (in general – fantasy, WWII-style, etc)
There’s no question I want to do more pinups. Obviously I love the female form, but I’m just debating on the “how”. I have come up with a cpl options :
A. Coloring Book
B. Paintings
C. General Illustrations
D. Nothing specific, just let them be a part of other things.

7. Castles
I have a series already created for a coloring book, but haven’t decided whether or not to do more or scrap it in favor of something else.

8. Steampunk Bugs
Again I have a series of these already created and a long-term plan for the compilation. However, would you prefer it as a coloring book? Just a simple, illustration collection? Or “that was fun but moving on”?

The more I write, the more I realize how nerd-centric this list is lol

9. Tarot Deck
I’m considering a pivot to just drawing these out on paper and getting through the series; making the complete set the goal rather than each piece.

10. Birch Rounds
You all seem to really dig these little pieces. Is this something I should be doing regularly?

11. Fan Art
I’ve randomly done a lot this year as commissions, so I figure I should ask to see if this is something you want.

12. If you’re still reading this, I love you :D

There is more tumbling around in there for sure, but this is the “main” list in debate.

I would love to do it all, but at this moment that’s just not realistic heh So just drop me some comments on whatever social media this is posted on. I would be ever so grateful for your opinion.

Thanks a million and have a kick ass day!

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