The Elizabeth Kill

I am here to entertain and share the music of my soul, and my bass is truly an extension of me.

Musician Bio

I was born in Mt. Vernon, OH in September of 1978. Shortly after, my family moved to Columbus, OH where I spent the majority of my young life. Both my parents were musicians, so from the very beginning, I was inundated with their favorite Classic Rock, R&B and Soul, all while growing up during the electronic revolution of the 80’s. Naturally, I fell in love with Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Van Morrison, James Brown, and Stevie Wonder, but I found myself entranced by musicians like Prince, The Police, Missing Persons, and ‘Til Tuesday.

I craved an instrument that truly spoke to me. After spending time with the violin and the trombone, I was asked by my jazz teacher to play guitar. I began the arduous task of learning how to play guitar using this ancient Les Paul that had action so high it looked like a stand up bass! But it was more than enough to start the fire and not long after, I asked my parents for an acoustic guitar to begin learning how to play and sing “Space Oddity” by David Bowie.

I remember struggling with it terribly until my dad gave me a suggestion that I will never forget. He said, “Go on the porch with your guitar and a comic book. Work on just playing the chords while you read.” That simple suggestion launched me forward into a whole new realm of music and performance that became my bread and butter for years after.

In the fall of ’93, the house band at Shadowbox lost their bass player, so the Producer asked if I was interested in the spot. I had never even considered the Bass before, but… wow. What was THIS instrument?! It was the soul, it was the drive, I would look at my drummer and it was the vibe. Finally, I had found MY instrument. Over the next decade at Shadowbox, I played 5 shows a week, over 3000 live shows, learned over 500 different cover songs, and got the opportunity to perform for over 50,000 people. Throughout that time, I hot-rodded my bass, I named it, I broke it, I fixed it, I loved it. “Farm” was now, truly, a part of me.

Spring of 2007, I moved to Los Angeles and 2 years later, I was approached about joining a special group of musicians being assembled to write and perform a Rock Ballet. Alongside several players whom I had worked with for years, we embarked on composing a 2 hour, all original piece of rock music designed for the dancers of Ballet Met. The band, Light, was born.

Special Note (July 3, 2016) : Light has just completed performing our 5th original performance piece, Gallery of Echoes: ColumbUS Public Art Project, and are already in talks for our next piece that will debut in the Fall of 2017. Click here to find out more about Light!

In addition to Light, I was contacted in November of 2011 about the need for a bass player in a LA local, four piece, rock band with a female singer. Within a week of first contact, I had auditioned and began rehearsing with The Elizabeth Kill. By the end of our first performance together on December 9th, we realized how special our chemistry was. Over the next 2 years, I recorded and released 2 full-length albums, performed shows across Southern California, held interviews and received national airplay with The Elizabeth Kill before going a separate direction due to artistic differences. You can read more about my experience on my Elizabeth Kill page.

My biggest musical influences as a Bass player would have to be Sting, John Taylor of Duran Duran and the amazing Gail Ann Dorsey, bassist for David Bowie. The precision, tonal quality, melodic lines and versatility are what make them such tasty players and all of them are fantastic performers. I consider it my job to plant those same seeds of passion, skill, performance, and taste in the music I create.

My Gear

The Tree

’12 Indonesian BTB Amber from Ibanez
Poplar top with Mahogany body
35″ 5-piece Through-neck with Rosewood fretboard and 24 frets

( dual ) Bartolini BH 1 ‘buckers
3-band EQ with mid-frequency switch

D’Addario ChromesXL – Regular Light Gauge ( .045 – .132 )

Brown Canvas strap made by Reunion Blues

GPE-BASS-TSA by Gator Cases


’12 Chinese TB-4P from Traveler Guitar
Sunburst with Tortoise Shell pick guard

( middle split coil ) Mustang Bass made by Seymour Duncan

D’Addario ChromesXL – Regular Light Gauge ( .045 – .100 )

TB-4P Gig Bag by Traveler Guitar


’96 Korean GT Series from Ibanez in Red
Maple neck with Rosewood fretboard

( bridge and middle single coil ) Stack for Jazz Bass SJB-5 made by Seymour Duncan

D’Addario ChromesXL – Regular Light Gauge ( .045 – .132 )

Brown Canvas strap made by Reunion Blues

1st generation “Undertaker” by Coffin Cases

Amps & Accessories

Fender Rumble 350 with built-in Overdrive

Speaker Cabinet
Gallien-Krueger NEO410

Main Cable
Black, Vintage Coiled Cable made by Vox

Gator Cases 6.5″ X 12″ Wood model with built-in Power Supply
Vintage Fender Stomp Pedal for use with Rumble Overdrive
Polytune, Corona Chorus, and the Flashback Delay all made by TC Electronics
Metaldrive by EBS
Cables made by Bullet Cables (custom cut – the only way to fly)


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J. Thomas Davis : For the best service in Greater Columbus, OH, there’s only the magic of J. Thomas Davis. Unbelievable technicians with an epic history of being the best!

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