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( July 2010 – Present )

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The show’s fresh feel comes specifically from a more concise movement from one artistic piece to the next, a mostly celebratory tone, the totally dynamic visuals by David Whitehouse with Zach Tarantelli, and a musical backdrop that embraces the best of late 60s, early70s prog/art rock. Combined with the actual local artist’s work … and words … all these sensibilities … the visual, aural, visceral, primal … combine to create a single, living, breathing art piece that engulfs the room.

Rick Brown, Naked Sunfish

Gallery of Echoes: ColumbUS Public Art Project

Gallery of Echoes: ColumbUS Public Art Project, a celebration of the Greater Columbus art community. The second installment of this critically acclaimed series reinterprets 20 original works by Columbus-based artists through a metamedia collision of original music, dance, spoken word, and larger-than-life videography.

Premiering on June 10, 2016 on the main stage for the Columbus Arts Festival, the show continued in traditional fashion at Shadowbox Live for a full week of performances the following Wednesday – Sunday to wonderful reception! For me, the proudest element was both working with and invigorating the artists and community partners that inspired us to the show in the first place. Attendance was low due to competition for audience with other events the same weekend, but we hope to bring it back for an encore performance later in the year. The audience and critical reception for the show was off the chart, even topping the response from our original Gallery of Echoes : The CMA Experience back in 2014, and we will be utilizing some of the works in community outreach so you can expect a long life out of this show!

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An exotic rock score, soulful singing and a vivid design enliven a supernatural Japanese tale in The Tenshu. The first Shadowbox Live international collaboration, which opened on Thursday in a brilliantly transformed space in the Brewery District, has a strong visual and aural effect.

Michael Grossberg, The Columbus Dispatch

The Tenshu

Presented by GCAC and PNC Arts Alive, Shadowbox Live joins forces with Japanese choreographer/director Hiromi Sakamoto and New York Times Best Selling author of the KABUKI Graphic Novels, David Mack, to create a one of a kind cultural-artistic collaboration. Come enjoy the original, modern, multi sensory production “Tenshu Monogatari featuring live martial arts, magic, giant puppets and supernatural experiences, accompanied by an original rock score written and performed by Light! The production will run exclusively October 7th – 25th, 2015 at Shadowbox Live as the space will be transformed to create a completely immersive experience for this unique event! Sponsored by NEA Artworks and Lbrands

Tenshu Monogatari is a story of love between a beautiful, powerful spirit and a Samurai falconer; a story of honor for a loyal and conflicted warrior; a story of magic, tradition and the supernatural; a story of an unassuming artisan who holds the key to happiness. Shadowbox Live and Hiromi Sakamoto are offering a unique opportunity to experience all of these things through a high energy, rock and roll performance combining two cultures oceans apart.

Running for 3 straight weeks from October 7th – 25th, 2015 for its Premiere, the Shadowbox Live theater was completely converted to be an immersive stage experience from the moment you walked in, where the samurai did combat on the floor, the band performed in the clouds on high platforms and the main stage housed a convertible shoji screen array that allowed for puppetry, altered stage layouts and so much more. The international collaboration was an unexpected, and heavily awarded, success with over 50% of the run being entirely sold out with over 4000 patrons coming to be a part of the unique experience. Though it is unlikely to return due to the scale of the production, this piece was a game changer for what we do and our plans moving forward!

Full-Length Album Now Available on iTunes!

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One goal of this collaboration is to promote cultural understanding through theatre, music, and media arts. This production will serve to radically reimagine traditional Japanese art and culture, by introducing the rock genre into ancient art forms. American and Japanese audiences will experience a new twist on a traditional Japanese artform. Ohio is home to over 9,000 Japanese nationals, with steady annual increases in the population. Conservative estimates demonstrate that more than 30% of this population lives in Central Ohio, due in large part to Honda and its suppliers located in Central Ohio. Artistic collaborations are highly effective for strengthening relationships between cultures and for broadening and deepening arts participation through new genres. Receiving a National Endowment for the Arts Grant as well as a PNC Arts Alive Grant, the project is proving to be a high-profile event garnering wide support and deepening community engagement.

Gallery of Echoes - Fall marquee

In collaboration with the Columbus Museum of Art, Shadowbox Live presents Gallery of Echoes : The CMA Experience – a 21-song cycle, multi-media performance where the artwork takes center stage. Original rock ‘n’ roll, evocative video, and contemporary dance compliment the visceral artwork selected from the museum’s permanent collection for this one-of-a-kind production. Gallery of Echoes : The CMA Experience is presented in part by PNC’s Arts Alive!

“This is the experience we want to bring to the Gallery of Echoes project:

Imagine if you stopped to look at a painting, it unfolds in front of you, moving through space to cover every inch of your vision. A curator’s voice begins to whisper in your ear, telling the story of the piece. Music transforms the brush strokes into melodies and harmonies that become the painting’s soundtrack. And nearby, inspired performers experience the work through dance, song, and spoken word.

Art that inspires art that inspires art. That’s what we hope to achieve in Gallery of Echoes.”

This show was such a success with its World Premiere in May of 2014 that it was brought back in October the same year for an additional 2 week run and further success! Gallery of Echoes has now become a vehicle for Light to continue pushing the envelope of what is possible with live performance today. It has also quietly started a genre of performance rock that Light will be expanding upon over the next couple of years.

Full-Length Album Now Available on iTunes!

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We need more of this—theater appreciating the other art forms and uniting them into an experience only a theater can do. Not just in Columbus, but in the rest of the world as well. Hopefully, Gallery of Echoes can find new life because, seriously, seven performances is nowhere near enough.

Lisa Much, Columbus Underground

The Masque

The Masque is 2-hour rock ballet based on eight of the works of Edgar Allen Poe using “The Masque of the Red Death” as the main story arc. The Masque originally premiered as a symphony to a showcase audience for 2 performances in 2012 at Shadowbox Live in Columbus, OH. Well received by over 600 industry personnel and patrons, The Masque gained interest from Verb Ballets in Cleveland which culminated in a near sold out performance at the Breen Center for Performing Arts on November 8th, 2013.

This successful event led to a deal with CAPA for a 2014 performance of The Masque with Verb Ballets at The Palace Theatre in Columbus, OH. The Palace Theatre was designed in the spirit of France’s Palais de Versailles, the 2,827-seat Palace Theatre is located at the base of the LeVeque Tower on Broad Street in Downtown Columbus, OH. Originally a vaudeville house, special attention was paid to the theatre’s acoustics when it was built.

Full-Length Album Now Available on iTunes!

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Photos by Wil Shively & Mark Horning

From time to time, one attends a show in which there are no superlatives worthy of describing the experience. Tags such as stupendous, dazzling, wonderful and fantastic pale in comparison to the performance. It is almost as if an entire new dialog of phrases used to praise the work is needed to properly edify it.

Mark Horning, Clevelend Examiner

7 Deadly Sins

7 Deadly Sins is a 2-hour rock ballet featuring music written and performed by Light, all revolving around the theme of the Seven Deadly Sins. Each of the seven sins is represented by a separate piece of dance and music. To engage the audience more fully, spoken word, ambient music, and a few rock ‘n’ roll songs were added throughout to create a seamless performance.

7 Deadly Sins Premiered on April 29th, 2011 at the Capitol Theatre in Columbus, Ohio with the band, Light, being accompanied by the renowned dancers of Ballet Met. After a highly successful 2 week run entertaining 7000+ audience members, the show was extended and later received the 2011 GCAC Excellence in the Arts award.

More Media and Information on 7 Deadly Sins here

Photos by Studio 66 & Haute Stuff Studio

In this substantial new ballet, sin can be fun, funny, disturbing or physically painful. You might want to look away at times during the two-hour-plus performance, but you can’t. Desire manipulates the senses — and by extension, sentient beings — and when your guard is down, watch out.

The company gets plenty of help from Shadowbox Live’s rock ensemble, performing everything from Beethoven and Liszt to an impersonation of Jimmy Swaggert.

Six choreographers created these original sins: Pride by Ma Cong; Sloth and Gluttony by James Kudelka; Lust by Gina Patterson; Wrath by Darrell Grand Moultrie; Greed by Jimmy Orrante; and Envy by Amy Seiwert. Such diversity provides the overall work with a huge range in movement styles but a strong focus to the individual “sins.”

Excerpt from Barbara Zuck’s review for The Columbus Dispatch

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