Bass Player & Backup Vocalist
( November 2011 – January 2014 )

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The Elizabeth Kill is a powerful and dynamic rock band based in Los Angeles and fronted by vocalist Sarah Goff.

In mid to late 2011, Sarah & Jeremiah Roiko ( Guitar ) were joined by Corey Manske ( Drums ) and Gabriel Guyer ( Bass ) to bring a new vision and strength to this powerful foursome. Within 2 rehearsals the reinvented group was locked in and writing material for their first EP, which eventually culminated in the release of their 2012 album, Building the Automaton, on December 15th, 2012.

Building the Automaton - Buy the Album

Alongside the release of, Building the Automaton, The Elizabeth Kill created a series of Webisodes called “Inside the Studio” where the band spoke about how and why they make music together, what that means to them and the industry as a whole. Visit The Elizabeth Kill YouTube channel for all webisodes, but you can view Webisode 1 below :

Over the course of the following year, The Elizabeth Kill took LA by storm with the additional release of an “in studio” music video for their single, Viral, capping off their 2012 media push. 2013 shaped up to be a great year with a new radio campaign that led to airplay on KALX in Berkeley, CA and multiple radio interviews and live performances across Southern California. During that time the band remained focused on the writing, production and recording of the next album, Throwing Shadows.

Throwing Shadows - Buy the Album

“This four-piece rocked the stage with an incredible presence and managed to stay perfectly in sync with one another.It was obvious that they all loved what they were doing, which made for an extremely passionate and memorable performance.”

Excerpt from Allegra Azzopardi’s live performance review
January 2013 edition of Music Connection (page 54)

By the beginning of 2014, bassist Gabriel Guyer found himself heading in a different artistic direction from the band and took the holiday downtime as the opportunity for a smooth transition into other projects. The Elizabeth Kill continues to rock Southern California with newest bassist, Adam Fauth.

Photos by Amber Ward, Rich Saputo & Lauren Cohen

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